JP Schneider IMD

Meet JP Schneider, an International Marketing Director from Plainview, Minnesota. As part of the Dreamteam with partners Dave Nesberg and Dave Watson, JP joined WorldVentures during the pre-launch of the company.

JP never went to college, got married to his wife Kathleen at the age of 19 and went to work in the construction industry. He had been introduced to the concept of network marketing prior to WorldVentures and that’s where he fell in love with the idea of working hard and getting paid from those efforts instead of trading hours for dollars, which he did for 40 years.

His secret to becoming sucessful in WV? His belief in network marketing. As he puts it, “That’s half of people’s problem, they don’t. They think they’ll give it a try, but they really don’t. But I’ve seen it work. You must believe in the company, in network marketing, and yourself and you can make this work.” And although he didn’t know a lot of people when he first got started, he remembers Dwight Hanson telling him to find someone who did.

How has his success in WV changed his life? At the age of 55, JP had never seen an airport. Now he has become a professional passenger, having explored different continents. He no longer goes to bed at night grinding his teeth, but he gets to sleep in until he’s done sleeping. The one downside? Getting to drive his STS Cadillac paid for by the company, “I’ve been picked up 7 times since I’ve had that car,only 2 tickets. I just can’t help myself.”

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