Eric Grzybowski NMD

Meet Eric Grzybowski, a National Marketing Director from Hibbing, Minnesota. Eric joined WorldVentures in December of 2007 for his first time in the network marketing industry. When Eric became a member, he was a part owner in a real estate company and had been doing very well. In fact, it took his friend over a dozen times of calling him and inviting him to see our company before he finally joined. What did it for him and why WorldVentures? “It was definitely the people, I would say. I met Dave Watson and David Pietsch the first night that I got started and it was because of them. I didn’t really even understand the concept. But I liked them and their energy. It wasn’t the product or the system because I really didn’t understand it.”

Eric found quick success in WorldVentures, but it wasn’t always an easy decision. He recalls when he was about 5 months into his business and at the level of Marketing Director, that his brother and other business partner whom he co-owned his real estate company with, called him in and gave him a presentation on why he needed to quit WV and continue to stay full time in his real estate company. He said the information was very convincing and logically, it seemed to be the better choice. Then why did he continue on? Two things come to mind for Eric; he realized that he had to make a decision to either stay on the comfortable path and do what he was used to doing, or to take the risk and try something new in WorldVentures. He also had a feeling that this was something big and he absolutely loved the people. He loved that he could not only create success for himself, but that that success translated into helping other people to do the same as well.

What have been his keys to success? “You have to humble yourself and be coachable, that’s the number one tip.” Consistency is the key. He believes that most people fail because they won’t be consistent. “Most people work, work and get paid. Whereas here you work, work, work, work, work and then you get paid.” Although there may not necessarily be instant gratification, by being consistent and working the numbers, eventually it flips. The more time you invest, the payoff becomes bigger. He remembers going to a training with Director of Training Marc Accetta and hearing him tell everyone that if you simply showed this business to 3 people a day, you couldn’t lose. Eric started showing it 3 times a day and continued to do so.

The payoff has indeed been worth the effort for Eric. He remembers 6 hour drives with his friend, Dan Smith, from Minneapolis to Chicago to do a presentation, then a training, just to turn around and drive home that same night to be at an early morning appointment for their real estate business. One time, Dan was sick and Eric wouldn’t stop because they were running late. It got pretty hairy for Dan, but Eric jokes that you do what it takes to make it!

Now Eric enjoys total time freedom. When he travels, he buys a one-way ticket because he doesn’t have to be on a schedule. If he likes where he is, he can stay as long as he chooses. The reduction of his stress level has also been incredible. “In my other company, we had a $57,000 monthly overhead, business partners to worry about, real estate agents to worry about. It was like a 10,000 lb monkey on my back. By having a residual based income that more than covers all of his bills, he no longer has to worry like he did in his real estate business. Of course, the idea of getting to see the whole world while getting paid to do it has certainly been the icing on the cake. Bottom line, WorldVentures has definitely helped Eric to Make a Living, Living!

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