Dwight Hanson IMD

Meet Dwight Hanson, an International Marketing Director and part of the G5 Team from Euless, Texas. Dwight, along with his partners, was one of the original members to join WorldVentures during it’s pre-launch. As a former airline pilot and later owner of an executive car service, the idea of travel in network marketing was very appealing to Dwight.

What was attractive enough about WorldVentures to pull this 25 year veteran of network marketing and 4 other partners into this company? It was 5 things that Dwight broke it down to: #1- We believed in the industry. We had experience and we knew it had capacity to perform given the right company and product, #2- We believed in Mike and Wayne and the potential, #3- Belief in 2 products- viable products and priced well for the masses, #4- We believed in the system they put together to advance training, and #5- We believed in ourselves. “If they would perform, I told Wayne, if you can keep the wheels and the wings on this one, we will fly it to wherever we want to go. In other words, you take care of your part and we’ll take part of this part.” Their quick decision is also a great example as to why timing is so important in the WorldVentures compensation plan. 28 minutes after getting positioned in the system, business partners Jeff Bolf and Troy Brown were placed in their team. They are the only people on WorldVentures to hold 2 positions at IMD.

Dwight and his partners also took massive action and hit the ground running, but have also shared in their setbacks. According to Dwight, disappointment is the biggest sabotage. That and the uncertainty and lack of belief. “We certainly experienced all of those emotions, but we didn’t expound on them or allow them to prevail. When other people didn’t believe it would work, we would take the opposite attitude. We would take market share while everyone else was deciding.”

WorldVentures has dramatically changed his life. Most importantly, Dwight has been able to buy back his time. Prior to WV, he was putting in 70-90 hours a week in his car service. After joining WV, every 90 days he was able to gain 20 hours back. So after 270 days, he bought 60 hours a week back. After 2 1/2 years in the business, he was able to drastically reduce his wife’s schedule. Of course, being able to finally buy a second home on the lake that has been a dream over the last 25 years has definitely been a bonus. But being able to shut the doors to his car service after only 27 months of hard work in WorldVentures and gaining total time freedom has been the sweetest success of all.

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