David Pietsch IMD

Meet Dr. David Pietsch, an International Marketing Director in WorldVentures. David is a former chiropractor, running a very successful office out of Woodbury, Minnesota. He was quite successful in his career and finances and wasn’t necessarily looking for another opportunity. In fact, it took his sponsor, Dave Watson, 21 months to get him to take a look at WorldVentures and to commit to coming on board. Perseverance pays off! Watson ended up recruiting one of the fastest people to achieve the IMD top level in the company. David hit the ground running and reached that goal in 10 months and 5 days!

It wasn’t a smooth track to success for David. Although he had experienced success in a previous network marketing company some years ago, he had a very busy schedule to attend to and knew that to climb the ranks as fast as he wanted to, he would have to be fully committed on his off time. He invested 20 hours a week to his WorldVentures business. With a fast start, it was hard when he hit a wall in the winter months and saw the growth on his team dwindle. With so much effort, and so little results, it was tempting to scale back. In fact, he remembers making the decision to cut back on the number of meetings he would do per week and as he walked to the board to erase the schedule, something changed when he got there. Instead of erasing, he ended up writing in more meetings. It was his moment of decision that he chose to win. “Most people won’t do what it takes to make it.” He realized that it was going to take a season of his life of hard work and going after it fully engaged to get what he wanted. Early mornings, late nights and barely any free time paid off. He is often heard saying, “Would you be willing to sit in jail for 10 months if you knew that you would have everything you want at the end?” He was willing to pay the price.

What has that sacrifice gained him? Not only financial freedom, but total time freedom. He has spent the last 6 months literally traveling the world with his family and enjoying time with his friends. He finally made the full transition this last year into WV retirement by selling his chiropractic practice. WorldVentures pays for his home and his car in addition to the residual income that he receives on a monthly basis. With one of the top teams in the company, it won’t be long until he hits another one of his goals- becoming the #1 money earner.

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