Dave & Yvette Ulloa IMD

Meet Dave & Yvette Ulloa. These International Marketing Director’s made it to the top of WorldVentures with a lot of hard work and perseverance. This was not a new concept to them, though. Formerly, Dave was an L.A. P.D. officer working the night shift in the Rampart district of L.A.. Yvette was a former government employee working extra hours to make up for cutbacks on staff. They knew that they wanted to own their own lives and thought that owning a traditional business would be the way to financial freedom. When they opened two retail shops, what they found was that they had less time, and more stress.

When they found WorldVentures, it was a perfect fit for what they had been looking for. It was a way for them to have a common goal that they could work on together and gain not only financial freedom, but more importantly, time freedom. What has been the key to their success? Personal development. “Your income results are in direct proportion to your personal development,” said Dave. These two have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their growth journey and are consistent attendees of all WorldVentures trainings. Has it paid off? Tenfold! In fact, they are both not only top income earners, but they sit on the President’s Advisory Council and are International Trainers for the company.

The road wasn’t easy. In fact, they both remember doing one of their first presentations in their home and having their brother stand up in the middle to admonish them for doing this business. It was a hard hit, but these two knew that this company was something special and they made the commitment to do what they had to do to change path of their lives. Was it worth it? With a new found passion in their marriage, total time freedom and income that not only takes care of them, but their parents as well, it certainly was worth the price. Now instead of worrying over bills, they have created a powerful network of friends that are all about contribution.

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