Bethany Webster NMD

Meet Bethany Webster, a National Marketing Director on the Fun & Money Guys’ team in WorldVentures. This former “Picture taking Nurse” had absolutely no time to do this business when she first joined. She owned her own photography studio and worked part time as a Registered Nurse. On top of that, he little boy had just turned 2 years old. However, as the saying goes, if you want something done, give it to a busy person.

Bethany found out about WorldVentures by a friend handing her a copy of a magazine with the WV DVD inside. It took her awhile before she ever looked at it, but when she did, her gut told her that she was on to something. Living in Dixon, Tennessee, there was no support at the time for her to plug into and she had never done network marketing before, but that didn’t stop her. Her start did not hit it off with a bang. In fact, she only had a handful of people on her team and it didn’t seem to be moving very fast when he mentor told her she needed to go to a training. She resisted at first, saying that she was not going to go to a “kum-ba-yah rah-rah fest”. She still followed the advice of someone who had what she wanted. She loaded her car up with a few of her team members and off they went. At that point, she had been in WorldVentures, but it was at this event where WorldVentures was now in her.

She quickly flew up to the rank of Marketing Director in a matter of weeks. However, she seemed to hit a wall at that level and stayed there for a couple of years. But she followed her own advice, “Never give up!” She stuck it out, kept attending events, stayed plugged in with her mentors and suddenly the wall crumbled and she again flew from Marketing Director past Regional Marketing Director and is now 1 level away from the top of our ranks at National Marketing Director. With it, she has gained her time freedom and is now financially free. It has been an incredible experience considering that she had been used to a life of being a slave to her business and work, and drowning in debt. The best part of it, she gets to be the mom that attends all of her child’s events. She doesn’t have to pick and choose, she makes the decisions. She is known as one of the most determined people in the company and it is no wonder that the Corporate Executives chose to make her one of the elite corporate trainers for the company!

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